In May 2021, we applied for a grant through the Tesco ‘Bags of help’ scheme to help support St Alban’s Catholic Primary School in their efforts to get even more children active during this challenging period of their school lives, through sport and physical activity. Tesco literally receive thousands of applications each year, and even more so during the past 18 months due to the challenges of COVID, and the impact it is having on young people’s physical and mental health, as well as their emotional wellbeing.

We are SO PLEASED to announce that Tesco community grants team contacted us just before Christmas to let us know that we had been successful in being nominated as a ‘final 3’ community project in our region, and that we have been put forward to an instore customer vote! In a nutshell, the project with the highest number of votes will receive £1500, 2nd highest £1000, and 3rd highest £500.



We are asking the community of Kings Heath, Hall Green, Solihull, and ALL surrounding areas to please cast us a vote in the following stores:

2344 Hall Green Strtfd Exp B28 8AB Express
2624 Hall Green B90 3LU Superstore
5498 Kings Heath Birm Exp B14 6EB Express
5656 Robin Hood Birm Exp B28 0LG Express
6685 Birmingham Alcstr Exp B47 5PN Express

To check the location of the above stores please follow this link: http://www.tesco.com/store-locator/uk.

To vote, you will need to make a purchase within store to any value. You will then receive a token which you can place it into a voting box alongside our project, as seen in the image at the top of this page.



Why is the project so important? 

Through our community work we have seen first hand just how much young people’s lives have been turned upside down since COVID arrived in 2020. There are numerous studies that evidence how children’s physical and mental health have been affected. The impact of not being able to see their friends, or simply mix with other children at school as they normally would, has understandably made a lot of pupils anxious about what lies ahead. Now, we realise that not every child enjoys sport, but there are a huge number that do, and it can offer children in a school setting the opportunity to be part of ‘that team environment’ again, increase their self confidence, or simple allow them some fun time, outdoors.

At St Albans Primary Catholic School, sport is seen in many forms, whether that be during diverse PE sessions, numerous activities you’ll see displayed around the playground during lunchtime, or through the extremely popular extra curricular clubs.

This grant is extremely important and will mean that we can help provide additional sports equipment to the school so that more children can be engaged at any one time. The children will also be able to experience a wider variety of sports too. We also plan to update existing, older equipment, and provide training as and when required to make the impact of this grant far exceed this initial investment…. meaning scenes like this below will be even more familiar at St Albans!



“Please go and cast your vote today, so that we can play our part in ensuring sport helps St Albans Catholic Primary School, and all of their wonderful children to  fight back against the pandemic.”

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